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The Commodore shall assume general leadership over all activities undertaken by the club to include but not limited to: presiding at meetings of the Executive Committee and general membership, steering club

direction, lobbying for change and improvement in club circumstances, acting as liaison between the Club and other GYA member clubs. and using his/her club history and experience to guide new and younger members.


The Vice Commodore shall provide oversight of the clubhouse bar operation and bar account, and as delegated, perform the duties of the Commodore. If the Club does not have a bar operation or lease or own

any real property, the Vice Commodore shall be responsible for communications to the members and assisting the Commodore and other Officers with their primary duties as necessary.



The Rear Commodore shall organize social activities associated with club sponsored events, and maintain liaison with other yacht clubs and associations as required. The Rear Commodore shall also assist the Fleet Captain with race award selection.



The Secretary shall record minutes at meetings of the Executive Committee and general membership and distribute same to membership, maintain the official club membership files, coordinate the writing and

submission of the monthly newsletter as well as any other communication with the membership. The Secretary shall also perform other administrative duties as required.



The Treasurer shall manage the general account financial records of the club to include depositing monies received from the membership including dues and application fees, Spreader ads, regatta entry fees and from any other related source of income which the general account finances. The Treasurer shall record the receipt of membership monies, prepare dues invoices and ensure payments are received from the members. In addition, the Treasurer pays all invoices, recurring or non-recurring related to non-bar activities of the club. The Treasurer also files monthly sales tax and SRIA reports and is responsible for the timely submission of taxes due. The Treasurer will issue a quarterly income statement and balance sheet for the members’ review via the newsletter and quarterly membership meetings.



The Fleet Captain shall schedule and organize regattas in compliance with governing rules and regulations for sanctioned racing events. The Fleet Captain shall also post any Notice of Race in a timely fashion on the club’s website, a secondary website such as Regatta Network, as well as on the club’s social media platform, and communicate with participants via the above. The Fleet Captain is also responsible for race award selection.



The Webmaster shall update the club’s website with any current information pertaining to club activities, including races, social events, and educational events.



The Membership Coordinator shall ensure that new members have been issued a membership card and have been instructed on how to use the membership system. This may include updating their personal information such as email and phone number, accessing the event calendar, and paying dues in a timely manner. The Membership Coordinator should actively recruit new members.

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